[domestic counters] Bobbi Bobbi (Brown) refreshing makeup liquid foundation 30ml gift giving her boyfriend to send her girlfriend

Concealer, 1 concealer, 2, no longer takes off makeup, oil and moisture concealment. The 0 porcelain white is durable. It is durable without makeup. It is used to control oil and concealer. In April 21, warm porcelain white,

After receiving the goods, unpack them at the first time. The quality is very good. It is consistent with the seller's description and completely exceeds my expectations. The packaging is very careful and tight. In general, this is a very satisfactory shopping. Thank the seller. It has been repurchased for the third time. The fabric is very comfortable and the outer packaging looks very advanced. Next time, continue to choose your home. It's very comfortable, the packaging is very good, the express delivery is very fast, the key quality is very good, very, very breathable. It's ok. Anyway, the price is right for the goods, huh. It's really genuine. It's very comfortable to wear.

Concealer colorkey black and white magic cube liquid foundation

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