Autumn coat women's simple light luxury Lapel short coat women's 2022 spring and autumn temperament leisure loose and versatile tweed coat

Color, size, beige, coffee, black, m suggests 90-115 Jin, l suggests 115-125 Jin, XL suggests 125-135 Jin, 2XL suggests 135-150 Jin,,

The wool warm pants of the flagship store of the sheep boss have been received. Now I buy everything from the. This is the first time to buy warm pants. Choose one for the thin and one for the thick. The delivery speed is very fast, the packaging is good, received and inspected in good condition. It's comfortable to try on, not tight, fine workmanship, good material, smooth surface and soft inside. The customer service is professional and the communication is pleasant. I like it. The price of promotional activities is very favorable. Another satisfactory shopping, five-star praise! I have bought many sheep for my mother and sister. There's nothing to say about the quality of eldest sheep's pants. They're strong and warm. This pair of trousers can resist the cold in winter in Beijing. This fabric is smooth. I bought knitted fabrics last year. After comparison, I still feel that knitted fabrics are more comfortable. When wearing smooth fabrics, I feel like wearing two pairs of pants, which is not very comfortable. But it's warm. The wife is so easy to wear!!! It's very warm and comfortable. It's not tight. The key is that it's warm and smooth. It's easy to put on pants. Cotton pants are very good. I like to wear them next time. Size: if the length is appropriate, not particularly fat people can wear them, because cotton pants have a certain elasticity. Workmanship details: workmanship is OK. Material feel: the overall material feels very good. Warm keeping effect: it can keep warm. Size: it has a certain elasticity. As long as the length is appropriate, it can be worn if it is not particularly fat. Workmanship details: the workmanship is still good without any thread. Material feel: the material outside feels very comfortable, and the interlayer is very soft. Thickness: it's not particularly thick. Warm keeping effect: OK, northeast is OK. This kind of cotton pants is relatively thicker, thicker than flannelette pants, but slightly thinner than that kind of big cotton pants, but it is relatively warm for more than minus ten degrees Celsius.

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