Cat man pure cashmere bottoming shirt slim fit warm knit women's long sleeved sweater solid color two Lapel bottoming shirt cashmere women's bottoming light powder 165 / 100

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Jeep's polo shirt is 100% cotton, which is relatively thin and suitable for summer. Breathable and comfortable, just the right size. Gray T-shirts with collars are also more suitable for formal occasions. I bought a large polo shirt and a medium polo shirt in black. Compared with other T-shirts, this version is still relatively slim. T-shirts with collars can be worn on relatively formal occasions. I bought one in the wrong size. It's also very convenient to return it by myself. The size of clothes is irregular, sweaty clothes change color, washed clothes are one size smaller, and the collar is deformed. There are too many fake thread ends. Thread ends are required at almost all joints. Very rough version is OK, but the production is rough and there are too many thread ends. It seems that the quality of small workshop production is OK! It's OK to wear. Trustworthy!

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